Eastern European Jews

Growing up Jewish in Poland

Growing up Jewish in Poland presents the findings of a study about the developmental trajectories of 17 children and adolescents from 14 families living in Poland who attended the Lauder-JDC...

January 2020
The Camping Experience. The Impact of JDC Jewish Summer Camps on Eastern European Jews

Until recently, little was known about the camp experiences of Eastern European Jews. Drawing from data collected by the JDC-ICCD during 2008-2009 in five Eastern European countries, Prof. Erik H....

March 2013
Identity à la Carte. A policy-oriented study of 18-50 year-old east European Jews

In September 2008, JDC-ICCD launched a major research project examining contemporary Jewish identity in Eastern Europe. Entitled Identity à la Carte, it was focused on 18-60 year-old Jews, and investigated...

June 2011