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The Israeli-European Diaspora. A survey about Israelis living in Europe

January 2018

Conducted in partnership with Machon Kehilot, a grass-roots organization established by Israelis living in Europe, the survey examined degrees of participation of Israelis living in Europe within their own networks and in local Jewish communities. What are the characteristics of the networks and communal frameworks set up by Israelis living in Europe? What kind of relationships do respondents have regarding local Jewish life? How do they perceive themselves in terms of Jewish identity? What are the main lessons for Jewish communities and organizations?

In total, 2,125 responses were collected, of which 890 full responses were taken for further analysis. The survey sample spans 27 European countries.

The report is available in English and in Hebrew.

Date: December 2017
Author: Marcelo Dimentstein, Reut Kaplan
Nº of pages: 42

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