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First Survey of Jewish Community Leaders in Asia (2020)

July 2020

The first Survey of Jewish Community Leaders and Professionals in Asia offers professionals, lay leaders, academics and practitioners the chance to explore how top Jewish community leaders in Asia relate to emerging and existing trends in their communities.

The project surveyed almost 130 key community decision-makers based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, among other cities asking their opinions on a range of subjects such as Jewish status issues, internal decision-making processes, priorities for the future, perceived tensions and threats to Jewish life, and relationship with Israel. Its findings are utilized to better understand contemporary realities, providing feedback to community leaders to improve planning, as well as to design more effective training programs.

This survey sheds new light on the communities that generally are not given a large spotlight in global Jewish settings.

Date: July 2020
Author: JDC-ICCD
Nº of pages: 26

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