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Monitoring & Evaluation – Impact Measurement

June 2017

Over the past five years, JDC has been developing its Impact Measurement/Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) capacity. Each region and division is implementing M&E in ways that are at once unified and customized for regional-specific needs. JDC Europe, through JDC-ICCD, has significantly scaled its efforts to ensure appropriate data and information is available when making program/strategy decisions.  It is a valued tool for management and many of the program staff.

Strategically, JDC Europe continues to prioritize M&E efforts in areas where learning about impact can best influence program development and shape future directions for the region.

This includes:

  • An evaluation by MJB of the first year of the pilot Mozaik Jewish Community Hub in Budapest, a priority strategy to work within the grassroots sector of the Jewish community.
  • The fourth year of a multi-year internal evaluation of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation/JDC International Camp at Szarvas, which has provided the robust data set needed to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the outcomes and impact of this flagship program and help shape future improvements.
  • Resilience is a new program direction led by JDC Europe. As this program begins to reach full pilot operation, discussions are under way regarding the data to be measured and the best way to develop an evaluation strategy.
  • Exploring an evaluation of the JCC in Warsaw that would measure its impact on Jewish life in that city in the years since its launch, and identify the activities most relevant to its members as well as the directions it should pursue.

In addition to this, JDC-ICCD was commissioned by the Lauder Foundation to conduct the M&E process of JAcademy, a gap-year program addressed to European students.

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