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Jewish Community Studies

November 2019

Many Jewish communities in Europe are going through a period of redefinition and change. The challenge ahead is to propel communities to become more vibrant and meaningful for the local Jews without neglecting crucial issues such as security and financial sustainability.

As part of this process, relying on scientifically valid and reliable information becomes central in facilitating better measures in assessing the opinions, thoughts and feelings of members and non-members alike of the community. How do they perceive the community? How do they understand being Jewish? What do they expect from Jewish frameworks in the city? Are there unmet needs?

ICCD has developed a special program to support communities and Jewish organizations who would be interested in undertaking such research projects. By providing expertise, technical advice and technological tools, ICCD engages in partnership with local stakeholders, in designing tailor-made studies for communities, including a post-survey discussion on communal policy decisions and programmatic actions.