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Survey on experiences of antisemitism in public education to be launched in Germany

February 2018

According to recent reports, the frequency and intensity of antisemitic incidents at German schools is reaching a new level nationwide as is the growing number of complaints by Jewish families about dealing with the competent authorities.

In order to address these issues, the Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment of the Central Board of Jewish Welfare in Germany (ZWST), supported by JDC-ICCD, will carry out a survey among Jewish families on their experiences with antisemitism in the public education system.

A qualitative study, “Jude als Schimpfwort” (“Jew as an insult”) will interview children, teenagers and their parents from across different regions of Germany. A scientific board will accompany and advise throughout the implementation of the study.

What experiences do Jewish children and young people have in the formal education sector (schools, kindergartens, youth centres)? How confident do they feel, and what are the questions and needs of their parents in dealing with antisemitism? What courses of action are available to civil society, educational institutions and the government?

The study’s main goals are to analyse the needs and strategies in dealing with antisemitism, as well as to generate recommendations for prevention, intervention and counselling.