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JDC-ICCD conducts research at Judafest

June 2018

On June 10, ICCD will be conducting research among participants of Judafest, a Jewish street festival that takes place in Budapest every year. Already in its 11th edition, this popular local attraction’s  activities include live music, a market with 30 vendors, children’s garden, booths for 15 Jewish NGO’s, a gastronomic stage for culinary demonstrations and tasting, performances, and walking tours of the old Jewish Quarter, and more. Who participates in Judafest? What motivates them to attend? To what degree is Judafest a part of his or her Jewish journey? The fieldwork will be carried out by the public opinion research company Médian. These are some of the main questions that the survey will try to address. While instilling Jewish identity and pride in thousands of Jews, Judafest has gained an additional role of tremendous importance. It has become the public face of Judaism in Hungary. Even in a climate of growing antisemitism, Judafest enables the Jewish community to continue facing outward; building ties with the general population from a position of strength, sincerity and commitment.