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Expanding the JDC-ICCD Jewish Leaders’ Survey: Asia and Latin America

November 2019

Drawing from the interest stimulated by the results of the European Jewish Leaders’ survey, JDC ICCD is currently working on replicating the study to expand beyond the European boundaries.

The First Survey of Jewish Community Leaders and Professionals in Asia will survey over 200 key community decision-makers based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. This survey will delve into their opinions concerning the major priorities and challenges facing Jewish communities in Asia over the next few years.

In Latin America, the project will survey Jewish leaders and professionals from México to Argentina, including (but not limited to) communities such as Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile and Uruguay. The Latin American Jewish Leader’s survey will be carried out thanks to a partnership between JDC ICCD, the JDC Latin American office and Universidad Hebraica de México.

Both the Asian and the Latin American surveys will provide essential information about the realities and future perspectives of Jewish life in those regions.