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European Jewish Community Leaders’ Survey

Launched by JDC-ICCD in 2008 the European Jewish Community Leaders’ Survey is an ongoing research project aimed at identifying the priorities, sensibilities and concerns of Europe's top Jewish lay leaders and...

November 2017
Monitoring & Evaluation – Impact Measurement

Over the past five years, JDC has been developing its Impact Measurement/Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) capacity. Each region and division is implementing M&E in ways that are at once unified...

June 2017
The Israeli-European Diaspora

According to different studies, it is considered that about 500,000 Israelis are living permanently outside Israel. Whereas in past decades this immigration was considered by different actors, especially inside Israel,...

February 2017

/ Past Projects

Children of intermarriage in three European countries

According to the World Jewish Population Report 2010, the rate of mixed marriages has been growing all over the world.  In Europe, several studies have confirmed this trend. In the...

March 2014
Identity à la Carte

Research on Jewish identities, participation and affiliation in five Eastern European countriesOver 20 years had passed since the collapse of communist regimes and yet there is still a looming need...

May 2011