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Founded in 2005, the JDC-International Centre for Community Development (JDC-ICCD) is located in Yarnton Manor, Oxford University. The JDC-ICCD is devoted to understanding the phenomena of Jewish community and identity more comprehensively. It aims to strengthen the overall quality and range of community development work across Europe and Latin America.

JDC-ICCD''s main focus is applied research aimed at analyzing ongoing changes and transformations taking place in Jewish life. Activities also include think tank sessions on community innovation, high-level conferences with field practitioners as well as training seminars with Oxford University professors for Jewish and non-Jewish professionals, lay leaders and organisations.

The Centre''s goal is to generate and disseminate knowledge about successful models and strategies that build dynamic and self-sustainable communities.




Operations Director Europe: Marcelo Dimentstein
Leatid Europe Director: Mario Izcovich
Board of Trustees:
Michel Calef
Mario Izcovich
Nathan Sandler
Judy Schwartz
Pablo Weinsteiner
Jacob Schimmel


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Educational institutions – both formal and non-formal – are regarded as essential players in the transferral of Jewish identity from one generation to the next. With intermarriage and assimilation levels at their highest ever, these institutions are critical to the future of the Jewish People. In this section, educational thinkers and analysts explore educational ideas, and examine which educational interventions are best-placed to succeed.

Young Adults

The young adult generation (those aged roughly between 22 and 35) is one of the most talked-about demographic groups in Jewish community life. Often portrayed as unaffiliated and unengaged, widespread concern is expressed about where future leadership and financial investment is likely to come from. This section contains some of current research on this population, as well as links to some of the new young adult initiatives that have captured the Jewish community’s attention.

Leadership Development

In order to thrive, all forms of community require high quality leaders. However, defining what a high quality leader is, figuring out the kinds of leaders we need and determining whether leaders are born or made, have been questions that have challenged all of those who study the phenomenon. In this section, we share links to some of the more insightful and influential thinking that is accessible on-line.

Technology and Community

Information technology is dramatically changing the way in which we live, love, learn, lead and look. The internet allows for information to flow in multiple directions simultaneously, for connections to be made across vast distances in a fraction of a second and for mass collaboration on all sorts of projects to become an absolute. Included here are a number of articles, interviews and video clips exploring how these changes are impacting community and contemporary community development.

Jewish Demography

It is impossible to begin to think about—much less plan for—the future of Jewish communities without a clear understanding of how demographic realities and possibilities will shape tomorrow’s Jewish populations. This section contains recent population figures, change forecasts and analysis of some of the difficulties faced in estimating Jewish population size.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

It may be the Jewish buzzword of the moment, but even a quick scan of the landscape reveals considerable evidence of creative, entrepreneurial Jewish activity taking place outside the auspices of traditional communal institutions. While the durability and long-term impact of these initiatives is not yet known, the phenomenon is significant enough to have attracted the attention of mainstream organizations and funders. Compiled here are investigations into the background, content and aims of contemporary Jewish innovation, as well as analyses of some significant case studies.

Jewish Identity and Community

Over the course of the last ten years, an increasing number of Jewish communities have commissioned social research with the explicit goal of better understanding the perspectives, behaviours and needs of both engaged and unengaged populations. This section compiles surveys conducted in Europe, North and South America, Israel and the FSU and includes nation-wide and city-specific research, as well as several studies focused on younger demographics.

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