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Founded in 2005, the JDC-International Centre for Community Development (JDC-ICCD) is located in Yarnton Manor, Oxford University. The JDC-ICCD is devoted to understanding the phenomena of Jewish community and identity more comprehensively. It aims to strengthen the overall quality and range of community development work across Europe and Latin America.

JDC-ICCD''s main focus is applied research aimed at analyzing ongoing changes and transformations taking place in Jewish life. Activities also include think tank sessions on community innovation, high-level conferences with field practitioners as well as training seminars with Oxford University professors for Jewish and non-Jewish professionals, lay leaders and organisations.

The Centre''s goal is to generate and disseminate knowledge about successful models and strategies that build dynamic and self-sustainable communities.




Operations Director Europe: Marcelo Dimentstein
Leatid Europe Director: Mario Izcovich
Board of Trustees:
Michel Calef
Mario Izcovich
Nathan Sandler
Judy Schwartz
Pablo Weinsteiner
Jacob Schimmel


About the Leatid European Center for Jewish Leadership

Leatid's Mission

Training up-and-coming Jewish Leaders

Leatid Europe is the leading training organization for today’s Jewish leaders. Launched in 1995, Leatid Europe is one of JDC’s longest-running leadership initiatives, training a significant number of lay and professional leaders. A great deal of past and current lay and professional leaders in Europe have benefited from its seminars, management courses, planning sessions, and in-service training.
Today, Leatid Europe has been integrated into the framework of the JDC International Centre for Community Development, where it serves as the Centre's training arm, conducting sessions and seminars in Yarnton Manor in Oxford and across Europe.
Leatid provides a variety of training programs led by accomplished speakers and experts in which participants from different backgrounds work together, exchange experiences and develop a vision for the future of their respective communities. Leatid Europe training seminars are interactive workshops, blending theory with concrete cases.
Currently, Leatid runs two major training programs each bringing individuals from all over Europe to produce an authentic and original learning experience. Apart from its flagship events, Leatid often holds city seminars, seminar for boards, and various consultations.

Flagship Events & Seminars

The Top Leaders Seminar brings Presidents, Vice Presidents and other key executive decision makers of Jewish Communities in Europe to Venice each year to exchange on practical matters and share best practices. It also aims to examine the specificity of Jewish Leadership on the continent.
The Future Scenarios Seminar's main purpose is to imagine alternative futures for community life in Europe. By guiding the participants through the scenario planning method developed by the Leatid Center for European Leadership, speakers intervene to pinpoint and explore the various scenarios our communities will face in the near and far future.