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Founded in 2005, the JDC-International Centre for Community Development (JDC-ICCD) is located in Yarnton Manor, Oxford University. The JDC-ICCD is devoted to understanding the phenomena of Jewish community and identity more comprehensively. It aims to strengthen the overall quality and range of community development work across Europe and Latin America.

JDC-ICCD''s main focus is applied research aimed at analyzing ongoing changes and transformations taking place in Jewish life. Activities also include think tank sessions on community innovation, high-level conferences with field practitioners as well as training seminars with Oxford University professors for Jewish and non-Jewish professionals, lay leaders and organisations.

The Centre''s goal is to generate and disseminate knowledge about successful models and strategies that build dynamic and self-sustainable communities.




Operations Director Europe: Marcelo Dimentstein
Leatid Europe Director: Mario Izcovich
Board of Trustees:
Michel Calef
Mario Izcovich
Nathan Sandler
Judy Schwartz
Pablo Weinsteiner
Jacob Schimmel


Building Resilient Communities 2016

Save the Date! Taking place in Barcelona, November 13-14, 2016

The year 2015, marked by the Hyper-Casher and the Copenhagen attacks, shocked European Jewish life opening a series of crucial questions: Are we prepared to face the new scenario in Europe? How do communities work in the area of security and disaster-responsiveness? What new infrastructure and services in the area of security should be put in place? In a word, how can we build resilient Jewish life? The first European Summit, Building Common answers, taken place in Barcelona in June 2015, tackled many of these issues. During the conference, specialists in community resilience and crisis-preparedness offered different sessions and workshops touching on diverse aspects such as crisis management and preparedness, risk communications and physical safety in community buildings, providing concrete tools to leaders and professionals.“Community Resilience” has been defined as the community’s ability - in time of crisis or emergency and in its aftermath - to utilize its resources, adapt to environmental changes, continue to function and provide key communal activities, and preserve and promote its member’s physical and psychological wellbeing.


Drawing on the success of last year’s conference, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in association with the European Council of Jewish Communities are pleased to invite you to the 2nd European Summit “Building Resilient Communities”, to take place in Barcelona, November 13-14, 2016. The conference's goal is to further explore different aspects pertaining community resilience offering a space where community leaders and executives can discuss, exchange and  learn about critical issues affecting our organizations nowadays.
This year’s themes will be focused on:
-Developing relationships with local/national and EU authorities. Strategies and dilemmas.  
-Dealing with the media before, during and after a disaster. 
-Security in our communities. Participative models and best practices
“Building Resilient Communities” is addressed to:
-Jewish Community presidents
-Executive directors
-Professionals in charge of security


More information coming soon